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Your profile features private topics and notes, and your own personality insights.

Access your personal topics, notes and personality insights in your Dabra profile. To access, select your name on the left hand sidebar under Favorites.

Managing your topics and notes

In the profile view, you’ll see the full list of topics and notes that you added each week. The ellipsis (three dots) on the right hand side of each topic open an action menu that lets you do the following:

  • Revisit – Add the topic, along with associated notes to your next meeting
  • View note history – See all the times that this topic was previously discussed
  • Edit – Make changes to the topic
  • Delete – Remove the topic and associated notes

You can drag and drop topics to change their order, allowing you to manage priorities more effectively.

Every Sunday, a new calendar week section is created. You choose which topics from previous weeks you would like to revisit in the current week.

Personality insights

See your personality insights on the right hand side of your profile. Don’t see them? Make sure to take the 3 minute personality quiz. Note that you can choose whether or not to share your insights with others (change this in Settings). You’ll only be able to see others’ insights if you’re sharing yours.



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