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When using Dabra for your 1:1s, you have full control over who you collaborate with.

How to invite someone to collaborate on Dabra: 

Your colleagues won’t hear from Dabra unless you explicitly invite them to start collaborating.

The below video shows you how to invite someone to Dabra:

Collaboration preferences can be managed in People View, by selecting the human icon next to someone’s name:

Using Dabra with collaboration turned off:

You can still use Dabra for your meeting notes with collaboration turned off, though we do strongly recommend enabling a shared space for your 1:1 meetings.

In this case:

  • Your colleague won’t know that you’re using Dabra for your joint meeting
  • Invitation or meeting-related reminder emails and meeting summaries won’t be sent to your meeting attendee
  • You will only be able to add and edit Private Topics and Notes

Note: If you choose to enable collaboration later, your private topics and notes will remain private. You can easily share your private topics by selecting: ‘Make topic shared’.

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