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Dabra provides a digital meeting space that helps you prepare, focus and follow up on each 1:1 meeting through shared and private Topics and Notes. Here’s all you need to know about Topics and Notes.

Meeting Topics

Think of Topics as agenda items – the key things that you want to discuss and organize your meeting around. Topics provide the hierarchy for your meeting Notes, meaning that your notes will go below each topic.

Here’s everything that you can do with Topics:

Adding a new topic

To add a new topic, select add shared/private topic and start typing. Dabra will suggest previously used topics to help you prep for your meeting faster. You can drag and drop topics to change their order.

Revisiting, editing or deleting topics

To the right of each topic, you’ll see an ellipsis (three dots). By selecting the ellipsis, an action menu will drop down with the following list of available actions:

  • Revisit (with tasks)– Move the topic, along with associated notes to your next meeting
  • Edit– Make changes to the topic
  • Delete– Remove topic from meeting

Shared vs. Private Topics

What’s the different between shared and private topics?

Shared topics are a place to collaborate and are visible to everyone in the meeting. This helps increase meeting engagement and transparency in your working relationships.

Private topics are only visible to you.

*If desired, private notes can be moved to the shared space by selecting the ellipsis (three dots) and choosing make topic shared from the drop-down menu.

Meeting Notes

Notes go under topics. Below each topic is a space to add relevant meeting notes, tasks and action items based on your discussion. To add a new meeting note, select Add note and start typing.

To edit or delete a note, hover your mouse over it and an ellipsis (three dots) will appear on the right. Select the ellipsis, and an action menu will drop down with edit or delete functions.

Formatting your notes

There are a few formatting options for your notes: create a task, assign action item, bold or italicize by using the following desktop shortcuts:

Create a Bulleted List

  • ‘-’ followed by a space and your bullet item

Create a Task

  • ‘[]’ followed by a space and your action item or
  • select the “Add task” button

Mention meeting participant

  • ‘@’  [Meeting participant name]


  • *bold*


  • _italic_
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