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How to sign up for Dabra by SAP

To start using Dabra, you’ll need to sign up. Go to app.dabra.ai – here you can either create a new account or log in with your Office 365 or Google account.

Please note: Internet Explorer is not optimized for Dabra. Please use an alternate browser such as Google Chrome.

Add upcoming 1:1 meetings

Congrats on signing up! Now add upcoming 1:1 meetings to the app.

You can do this two different ways, depending on the calendar you’re using:

  1. Office 365 – connect your calendar: by connecting your calendar, your upcoming 1:1 meetings will automatically appear in the Dabra app and will update as any changes happen in your calendar. Here’s how to Connect your Office 365 Calendar to Dabra
  2. All other calendars: Invite dabra@dabra.ai to an upcoming meeting. Gmail calendar integration is coming soon.

Prepare for upcoming meetings

Once you’ve added some upcoming meetings, you can start preparing shared agendas by adding in topics and notes.

Turn on collaboration to share meeting agendas and notes with coworkers

To use Dabra jointly with your coworkers and create shared agendas, you’ll need to invite them to collaborate in the app.

Complete your leadership personality profile quiz

Dabra provides built in insights on each person that you collaborate with. To access these insights, complete the three-minute quiz. In order to see the results of people that you work with, you must ensure that you turn on ‘display insights’.

Navigate the app

Get familiar with the different views that are available in the Dabra app to help you navigate your 1:1 meetings.

Set your notification preferences

Notifications of upcoming meetings in Dabra happen over email, and you can choose the frequency of how often you receive them. You’ll be notified if someone you’re meeting with has added in agenda items and be reminded to also prepare. Dabra Digest is an email snapshot of your upcoming meetings for the day or week.

Where to go for help

Product-related questions

Need support with the product? The Dabra customer success team is happy to assist. Contact us anytime at support@dabra.ai

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